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Being a Better Neighbor

Our new vegetated/white hybrid roof also significantly reduces cooling required to keep our top-floor occupants comfortable during Taipei’s hot summers.

Hung Kuo’s influence extends beyond its grounds, and we’ve strived to create a positive impact for our neighbors, both the people who live and work around us, and the urban wildlife that enriches Taipei.

Our increased landscaping cover and hybrid green roof lessens the urban heat island effect that makes the city hotter than surroundings areas, and our rainwater capture system lowers the burden on municipal drains during heavy rainstorms, reducing the risk of flooding.

We’ve also transformed our landscaping practices, with contractors now only using silent, non-polluting hand-tools, and our Integrated Pest Management system has eliminated pesticide use on the grounds creating an urban oasis for wildlife.

Finally, we implemented a radical redesign of building exterior illumination, subtly accentuating the aesthetics of Hung Kuo’s iconic architecture while dramatically lowering overall illumination levels and potential contribution to light pollution.

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